Market Reports


Sale Report - Tuesday 5th March 2024

CALVES  Limousin Heifers to £295, Aberdeen Angus Bulls to £300, Aberdeen Angus Heifers to £142, British Blues Bulls to £205, British Blue Heifers to £170, Welsh Black Bulls to £85, Beef Shorthorn Bulls to £30.

Top price bull calf from F Yates sold to J Bailey & Son.

Top price heifer calf from LM Stuart.

Top price steer calf from F Yates sold to J Bailey & Son.

STORES   Limousin Steers to £1200, Limousin Heifers to £1170, Aberdeen Angus Steers to £1490, Hereford Steers to £1495, Simmental Heifers to £990, Friesian Heifers to £460.

Top price heifer from J & LM Wood sold to G & AG Parker.

Top price steer from PG Hirst sold to JB Eastwood & Sons.

PRIME CATTLE Overall Avg 274.75p/kg.

p/kg – Top price, 290p/kg from D Pearson sold to G & R Booth.

Steers 560kg+

Blonde to 269p/kg

Limousin to 290p/kg

OTM CATTLE to 89p/kg Top price from CR Green sold to M Bretton.

PRIME LAMBS  Overall Average 344.17p/kg, £158.80/head SQQ Average 358.72p/kg


39.1kg–45.5kg to 358.7p (Avg 358.7p)

45.6kg-52kg to 342.6p (Avg 338.93p)


39.1kg–45.5kg to £146 (Avg £146)

45.6kg-52kg to £167.50 (Avg £164.29)

Top price lambs £/head & p/kg from Carlin Farm Ltd sold to Shans Group Ltd.

PRIME HOGGS  Overall Average 365.66p/kg, £164.18/head SQQ Average 352.27p/kg


25.5-32kg to 365.5p (Avg 313.05p)

32.1-39kg to 405.4p (Avg 313.1p)

39.1kg–45.5kg to 455p (Avg 359.79p)

45.6kg-52kg to 490.4p (Avg 388.28p)

52kg+ 431.1p (Avg 367.9p)


25.5-32kg to £106 (Avg £92.60)

32.1-39kg to £155 (Avg £114.31)

39.1kg–45.5kg to £205 (Avg £154.05)

45.6kg-52kg to £255 (Avg £187.57)

52kg+ £206.33 (Avg £240)  

Top price hoggs 490.4p/kg from DJ Halliday.

Top price hoggs £255/head from DJ Halliday.

EWES to £203 (Avg £120.54) Top price from Wood Brothers sold to Shans Group Ltd.

TUPS to £158 (Avg £116.50) Top price from JR Metcalfe sold to Shan Group Ltd. 

STORE HOGGS to £141 (Avg £73.53) Top price from SA Roberts sold to Lea & Son.

TEXEL to £140

SUFFOLK to £141


IN-LAMB HOGGS to £70 Top price from NJ Grayson.

GOATS to £125 Top price from Mr Wayne sold to Lea & Son.



Forward:: 833 Head of Stock comprising of 33 Cattle including 11 Calves,18 Stores,3 Prime Cattle,1 OTM and 800 Sheep comprising of 10 Prime Lambs 627 Prime Hoggs, 58 Ewes,9 Tups, 79 Store Hoggs, 15 In-Lamb Hoggs & 2 Goats.