Market Reports


Sale Report Tuesday 6th April 2021

CALVES   Holstein Friesian Bulls to £150,  Aberdeen Angus Heifers to £222.

 Top price bull calf from S & O Sherratt.

Top price heifer calf from E & N Holsey sold to B Coombes.

STORES   Limousin Bulls to £615, Limousin Steers to £1140,  Limousin Heifers to £572,  Aberdeen Angus Steers to £945, Aberdeen Angus Heifers to £480, British Blue Steers to £855, British Blue Heifers to £905,  Simmental Steers to £830,  Saler Steers to £900, Blonde Steer s to £870.

Top price bull from J Bradshaw & Co. sold to IR & MA Smyth.

Top price steer from JA Miller sold to J Hobson & Son.

Top price heifer from S White sold to JB Eastwood & Son.

PRIME CATTLE Overall Avg 215.20p/kg

Heifers 485kg+ to 218p/kg (Avg 214p/kg)

Steers 560kg+ to 238p/kg (Avg 216p/kg)

Top price from IR & MA Smyth sold to John Penny & Sons. 

OTM CATTLE to 200p/kg (Avg 154p/kg). Top price Cow  Angus 108p/kg £691.20 from B Gallagher sold to JB Eastwood & Son.   Top price Heifer Limousin 200p/kg £1430.40 from JTC Excavations Ltd to Worsley Wholesale Butchers.

PRIME LAMBS  Overall Average 421p/kg, £188/head  SQQ Average 421 p/kg


39.1kg–45.5kg to 458.5p (Avg 421p)


39.1kg–45.5kg to £188 (Avg £170.14)

Top price N/S lambs 458.50p/kg from Hazlehurst Bros. sold to Haighs Farm Shop, Mirfield. 

Top price N/S lambs 188p/head from Hazlehurst Bros. sold to Haighs Farm Shop, Mirfield.


Overall Average 316.38p/kg or £143.59 per head

SQQ Average 315.15p/kg


32.1-39kg to344.8p (Avg 317.9p)

39.1kg–45.5kg to 429.5p (Avg 314.68p)

45.6kg-52kg to 395.9p (Avg 318.26p)

52kg+ 356.4p (Avg 306.25p)


32.1-39kg to £130 (Avg £120.13)

39.1kg–45.5kg to £189 (Avg £132.55)

45.6kg-52kg to £194 (Avg £155.06)

52kg+ £203 (Avg £170.35). 

Top price hoggs 429.5p/kg from Undisclosed Seller sold to L Wood & Sons. 

Top price hoggs £203/head from RJ & D Warttig sold to Lea & Son.

EWES with LAMBS at foot  to £98 per unit (1E & 1L) from John Roberts sold to JR Auty.

EWES to £177 (Avg £106.13) Top price from RJ & D Warttig sold to Lancashire Direct Halal Meats Ltd.

TUPS to £150.00 (Avg £103.90) Top Price from B Roberts sold to Lancashire Direct Halal Meats Ltd. 

SHEARLINGS to £95.00 (Avg £95.00) Top price from A Schofield sold to DE Hodgson.

STORE HOGGS to £114.50 (Avg £105.05) Top price from FR Scholefield sold Lancashire Direct Halal Meats Ltd

TEXEL to £114.50



Forward:: 701 Head of Stock comprising of 40 Cattle including 7 Calves, 26 Stores, 5 Prime Cattle, 2 OTM and 661 Sheep comprising of 14 New Season Prime Lambs, 2 Ewes with 2 lambs at foot, 531 Prime Hoggs, 68 Ewes, 10 Tups, 1 Shearling, 19 Store Hoggs.