Market Reports


Sale Report - Tuesday 5th April 2022

CALVES    Limousin Bulls to £365, Limousin Heifers to £200, Noweigian Red Bulls to £30, Simmental Bulls to £285, Aberdeen Angus Bulls to £265, Aberdeen Angus Heifers to £170.

Top price bull calf from RA & CA Cowgill sold to J Marshall.

Top price heifer calf from JR Hallam sold to G Hopkinson.

STORES     Limousin Steers to £1355,  Limousin Heifers to £885,  Limousin Bulls to £565, Aberdeen Angus Steers to £1365, Aberdeen Angus Heifers to £1235,  Charolais Steers to £945

Top price bull from J Bradshaw sold to IR & MA Smyth.

Top price steer from SC Hawke sold to Lea & Son .

Top price heifer from SC Hawke sold to Lea & Son .

PRIME CATTLE Overall Avg 303p/kg

Heifers 485kg+ to 303p/kg (Avg 241.08p/kg). Top price Limousin (£1681.65) from Turner Farms Ltd  sold to A Kaye & Son.

Swedish Red & White to 194p/kg (£1416.20) from Yates Brothers sold to Lea & Son.

OTM CATTLE to 203p/kg (Avg 158.03p/kg). Top price for Simmental (£1898) from ID & R Jones sold to JB Eastwood & Sons.  

Simmental 203p per kg

British Blue 178p per kg

Aberdeen Angus 169p per kg

Hereford 151p per kg

Holstein Friesian 133p per kg

COWS with Calves at foot to £1000. (Avg £1000). Top pricefor a Beef Shorthorn Cow (89m) with British Blue Steer calf (1m) from CD Birtwell.

PRIME LAMBS  Overall Average 357.82p/kg, £164/head. SQQ Average 367.05p/kg


39.1kg–45.5kg to 367.1p (Avg 367.05p)

45.6kg-52kg to 341.4p (Avg 341.41p)


39.1kg–45.5kg to £167 (Avg £161.50)

45.6kg-52kg to £169 (Avg £169)

Top price lambs 367.1/kg from Hazlehead Brothers sold to Haighs Farm Shop, Mirfield. 

Top price lambs £169/head from Hazlehead Brothers sold to L Broster.

PRIME HOGGS  Overall Average 284.25p/kg, £135.66/head. SQQ Average 286.68p/kg


25.5-32kg to 142.9p (Avg 142.86p)

32.1-39kg to 369.2p (Avg 260.4p)

39.1kg–45.5kg to 360.9p (Avg 294.23p)

45.6kg-52kg to 381.3p (Avg 303.73p)

52kg+ 367.1p (Avg 247.3p)


25.5-32kg to £40 (Avg £40)

32.1-39kg to £144 (Avg £93.61)

39.1kg–45.5kg to £157 (Avg £125.19)

45.6kg-52kg to £185 (Avg £148.89)

52kg+ £201 (Avg £150.63)

Top price hoggs 381.3p/kg from J Hobson sold to Worsley Wholesale Butchers Ltd . 

Top price hoggs £201/head from J Hobson sold to Haighs Farm Shop, Mirfield .

CADE LAMBS  Texel X to £10 per head from S Oxtoby sold to B Stephenson.

EWES to £185  (Avg £127.17) Top price from J Key sold to Lancashire Direct Meats Ltd.

TUPS to £170 (Avg £) Top Price from RD Newman sold to Lancashire Direct Meats Ltd. 

WETHERS to £ (Avg £) Top price from sold to.

STORE HOGGS to £100  (Avg £80).  Top price from R & GD Beaumont sold to Lancashire Direct Meats Ltd.

TEXEL to £100

MIXED Breed to £90


EWES with Lambs at Foot to £170 (Avg £135.71)

Top price Shearling with 2 gimmer lambs to £170 from R Smyth sold to R & JA Dodson. 

6 Ewes with 6 Lambs at foot to £130 from R & DG Beaumont sold to R & JA Dodson.


Round 5ft bales wheat straw to £15.50 per bale.

Forward:: Forward 615 Head of Stock comprising of 46 Cattle including 10 Calves, 25 Stores, 2 Prime Cattle, 7 OTM’s, 1 Cow with 1 calf at foot and 569 Sheep comprising of 5 Cade Lambs, 6 New Season Prime Lambs, 436 Prime Hoggs, 83 Ewes, 12 Tups, 12 Store Hoggs and 6 Ewes with 6 lambs at foot, 1 Shearling with 2 lambs at foot, 28 Bales Wheat Straw.