Market Reports


Sale Report Tuesday 6th July 2021

STORES    Limousin Steers to £1000,  Limousin Heifers to £870, Hereford Bulls to £710, Hereford Steers to £740,  Hereford Heifers to £730, Aberdeen Angus Heifers to £830, British Blue Steers to £965,  Beef Shorthorn Steers to £790, Beef Shorthorn Bulls to £500..

Top price Bull - Hereford from J Clifford sold to S & CR Battye .

Top price Steer – Limousin from J White sold to JB Eastwood & Sons .

Top price Heifer - Limousin from H Ripley sold to J Hobson & Son .

PRIME CATTLE Overall Avg 233p/kg

Steers 560kg+ to 238p/kg (Avg 233p/kg)

Top price British Blue from R Barr sold to J Penny & Sons. 

OTM CATTLE to 155p/kg (Avg 138.41p/kg). Top price per Kilo 1.55p – Hereford from G & H Mills sold to JB Eastwood & Sons.   Top price per head £986.00 - Charolais from JP Charlesworth sold to Lea & Son.

PRIME LAMBS  Overall Average 280.69p/kg, £120.19/head SQQ Average 280.85p/kg


32.1-39kg to 329.8p (Avg 309.18p)

39.1kg–45.5kg to 347.4p (Avg 279.19p)

45.6kg-52kg to 322.9p (Avg 285.04p)

52kg+ 269.4p (Avg 261.61p)


32.1-39kg to £127 (Avg £119.22)

39.1kg–45.5kg to £141 (Avg £118.37)

45.6kg-52kg to £155 (Avg £134.31)

52kg+ £154 (Avg £143.21). 

Top price lambs 347.4p/kg from G & GE Read sold to L Broster . 

Top price lambs £155/head from T Fernihough sold to Haighs Farm Shop, Mirfield.

PRIME HOGGS  Overall Average 150.16p/kg, £73.50/head. SQQ Average 146.98p/kg


32.1-39kg to 126.8p (Avg 124.31p)

39.1kg–45.5kg to 167.8p (Avg 165.97p)

45.6kg-52kg to 167p (Avg 167.02p)

52kg+ 163.8p (Avg 147.85p)


32.1-39kg to £45 (Avg £45)

39.1kg–45.5kg to £75.50 (Avg £71.70)

45.6kg-52kg to £79 (Avg £79)

52kg+ £95 (Avg £90.38)

Top price hoggs 167.8p/kg from G Armitage sold to L Wood & Sons . 

Top price hoggs £79/head from P Thorp sold to J & E Medcalf Ltd.

EWES to £140 (Avg £82.47.) Top price from GL Battye & Sons sold to Lancashire Direct Ltd .

TUPS to £116 (Avg £87.14). Top price from E & ED Stott sold to Lancashire Direct Ltd. 



Forward:: Forward 629 Head of Stock comprising of 52 Cattle including 43 Stores, 2 Prime Cattle, 7 OTM’s and 577 Sheep comprising of 331 Prime Lambs, 21 Prime Hoggs, 211 Ewes, 14 Tups.