Market Reports


Sale Report Tuesday 30th March 2021

CALVES   Limousin Heifers to £300.00  Top price heifer calf from C J Haigh, Bolsterstone.

STORES   Holstein Friesian Heifers to £535, Limousin Bulls to £750, Limousin Steers to £1030,  Limousin Heifers to £870, Hereford Steers to £870,   Aberdeen Angus Bulls to £745, Aberdeen Angus Steers to £1335, Aberdeen Angus Heifers to £985,  Simmental Bulls to £720,  Charolais Heifers to £665.

Top price bull from B Buckley sold to JB Eastwood & Sons.

Top price steer from K Goldthorpe sold to Lea & Son.

Top price heifer from K Goldthorpe sold to S Heap.

PRIME CATTLE Overall Avg 212.87p/kg

Heifers 485kg+ to 201p/kg (Avg 185p/kg)

Steers 560kg+ to 247p/kg (Avg 225.1p/kg)

Top price Heifer from IR & MA Smyth sold to Lea & Son. 

Top price Steer from D Pearson sold to Albion Farm Shop.

OTM CATTLE to 134p/kg (Avg 123.37p/kg). Top price from JL Millin & Son sold to Hartshead Meats Ltd.  

 Hereford cow to 134p/kg

Holstein Cow to 121p/kg

Simmental Cow to 114p/kg

PRIME LAMBS  Overall Average p/kg, £176.31 p/head SQQ Average to 427.16p/kg


32.1-39kg to 461.5p (Avg 461.5p)

39.1kg–45.5kg to 453.4p (Avg 425.61p)


32.1-39kg to £180 (Avg £180)

39.1kg–45.5kg to £197 (Avg £176.14)

Top price lambs 461.5p/kg from D & P Gibbs & Son sold to J Kemp Butchers. 

Top price lambs £197/head from Hazlehurst Brothers sold to L Wood & Son.

PRIME HOGGS  Overall Average 301.28p/kg, £141.53 per head


32.1-39kg to 342.9p (Avg 248.64p)

39.1kg–45.5kg to 397.7p (Avg 308.84p)

45.6kg-52kg to 363.3p (Avg 307.7p)

52kg+ 352.7p (Avg 303.97p)


32.1-39kg to £120.00 (Avg £89.34)

39.1kg–45.5kg to £175.00 (Avg £131.16)

45.6kg-52kg to £185 (Avg £149.27)

52kg+ £200.50 (Avg £167.30). 

Top price hoggs 397.7p/kg from W Stafford & Son sold to Hartshead Meats Mossley. 

Top price hoggs £200.50/head from RJ & D Warttig sold to Lea & Son Stainborough.

GOAT  to £50 from  N Prest sold to Lea & Son.

EWES with LAMBS at foot  to £155 per unit 1 Ewe 1 Lamb, 1 Ewe 2 Lambs, 1 Ewe 1 Lamb from T & H Contracting sold to James E Gill.

EWES to £168.00 (Avg £109.49) Top price from AL Calvert Dewsbury sold to Lancashire Direct Halal Meat.

TUPS to £150.00 (Avg £123.90) Top Price from J Holt sold to Lancashire Direct Halal Meat. 

SHEARLINGS to £139.00 (Avg £120.75) Top price from I Marsden Hoylandswaine sold to L Wood & Sons Huddersfield.

STORE HOGGS to £124 (Avg £92.68) Top price from C J Stone sold to J Hobson & Son.

TEXEL to £124

SUFFOLK to £100.50

JACOB to £82







Forward:: 809 Head of Stock comprising of 50 Cattle including 1 Calf, 39 Stores, 7 Prime Cattle, 3 OTM’s and 773 Sheep comprising of 601 Prime Hoggs, 22 Prime Lambs, 3 Ewes with 4 Lambs, 1 Goat, 49 Ewes, 10 Tups, 4 Shearlings, 79 Store Hoggs.