Every Tuesday at 12 noon sale of Calves, Dairy Cattle, Stores, Finished Cattle, Over Thirty Month Cattle, Store Sheep, Prime Lambs & Hoggs, Cull Ewes & Rams, Pigs are also sold occasionally.

There is also an annual Store Lambs and Breeding sheep sale on the 2nd Sunday of October.

Sellers of Prime Lambs Please Note:

Buyers are unhappy with dirty wet lambs, it is in the your best interest to ensure all lambs are clean and dry when presented at the market in order to not exclude any buyers and achieve their full potential. We recommend all lambs be belly clipped.

All Sheep over 12 months must have full EID (Be Double Tagged) to be sold through this auction from 1st January 2015 & all lambs must have electronic tags.  If you have any questions about which ear tags you require to sell your sheep please contact the office for advice.

Tuesday 30th April 2019 ~ Entries Invited


Market Wash Down and Stock Collection Supervisor at Holmfirth Attested Auction Market

We are looking for an enthusiastic dedicated and flexible employee or two people who could share the job to join our team.  This would suit self-employed farm labourers or other manual workers with spare days.  The duties include Cleaning the vehicle wash area, sale ring and livestock pens when the stock have gone and ensuring biosecurity requirements are always met.  Experience in handling livestock is preferred as occasionally stock are left in the market overnight, this prevents completing the job on a Tuesday, which means finishing the washing out before Wednesday evening.  Cleaning the toilets and mopping the office and entrance floors, then setting up the tables for Thursday’s sale in the main ring.  Wash down the pens after the Saturday horse sale and collect litter from the car park.

All enquiries to Anthony Hobson 07783 956745

A trial period will be offered to the successful applicant to work alongside the current workers.

Fur and Feather (THURSDAYS)

The gate will be open from 3pm (Auction 6pm) to sell Poultry Rabbits Eggs Produce Plants Huts & Misc Items.




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